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Infant Program (approx. 2 months to 13 months)

Ratio: 1 adult to 2 infants

In their first years, children will learn and grow more quickly than at any other time in life.  CCC's Infant Program understands the importance of this time in your baby's life.  To ensure that each child has the opportunity to develop fully, we provide a safe, clean environment filled with bright colors, favorite books, toys and warm nurturing caregivers.

We appreciate the uniqueness of each baby and treat each one as an individual with their own needs and wants.  Each infant receives physical comfort and caring affection throughout the day from our caregivers. 

We have designed the Infant Program to focus on five areas of growth:
  • Cognitive Skills
  • Fine Motor Skills
  • Language Skills
  • Gross Motor Skills
  • Social and Emotional Growth

Growth of cognitive, motor and language skills is possible when a baby feels secure in their environment and valued by those who care for them.  Each baby has several caregivers that spend time each day rocking, holding, talking and playing with them.  With only two babies per adult, each baby gets a lot of individual attention.

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